Saturday, April 30, 2011

Entertaining your audience...

So I went to Shriners Circus today with my family. What a great cause... I try to donate to Shriners Hospital as often as I can. :)
As I sat there watching the elephant acts, clowns, and trapeze artists... I realized something. The people at this event was working diligently to entertain their audience, and was doing a terrific job. 
Are we not the same... us writers... we write for the love of the story.
We hope that those people that read our work enjoy our words as much as we did when we wrote them.
In the same way that these performers hoped that their acts were as enjoyable to us as it was to them.
Then, I thought about the advertisement. How did I come across knowing these wonderful performing artists had come to Spokane, and why did I drive an hour to see such acts and pay 15 dollars to watch the two hour show?
Firstly, I was browsing through the newspaper and saw an ad. As small as it was- it caught my attention... leaving me curious as to where the circus was going to be held, the price, and what type of performances were going to be going on.
Beyond the fact that I was bored at home and was looking for something to do for the weekend. LOL
Shriners Circus sold their advertisement and as a result had me inquiring, and searching for more.
All it takes is a consistence amount of advertisement over the big web and the continuous love for what you do, and you may one day have the pleasure to entertain thousands of people with the stories you have created.
Don't give up on your dreams, because if you do, you won't be having as much fun as those circus entertainers were today. :)
I know I'm not giving up. Even if my first book doesn't get the reviews or the publicity, there is always a second, third, fourth and so on and so on.

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