Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Yesterday my fiance and I put our greenhouse together. A 20 x 10 size greenhouse. Let me tell you I am very excited. :) Where we live, we have a fair amount of cold nights, leading to my very unsuccessful garden. This is the reason for our little project.
Getting back to my direct thoughts...
Only a month ago, I began with nothing but a few seeds and a bag of soil.
I took those seeds: tomatoes, green peppers, pumpkins, sweet pea's. etc. and placed them ever so carefully in the pots of soil. From that moment on I tended to the seeds; watering them, making sure they have a good amount of light, feeding them on occasion and as a result I have an entire table covered in various amounts of veggie plants.
I was sitting the other day, again pondering what I should do next with my YA Fiction book. My plants are right next to my laptop, (because my greenhouse is still under construction), but as I sat there... it dawned on me. If I put the same amount of effort, love, and nurture into my book as I do my plants, I just might get somewhere with my story. LOL :)
A blank computer screen or a blank piece of paper is very curiously the same as those empty pots of soil.
The seeds in which you intend to grow are like the idea's in your mind. The ideas and story wanting very much to escape the depths of the soil (or mind) and reach and grow towards the sun's rays. 
In the end,
Both writing and planting, if given the proper nourishment; you can reap wonderful benefits.
A great ending to a great story and abundant garden to brag about :)

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