Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The other night I woke up from a night mare: two famous people had experienced a very gruesome collision on their tour bus, while making their way to my home town...
In the morning I still was able to recall my dream, but didn't think much of it.
It wasn't until the other day, I was going up town shopping with my mom when I saw a billboard advertising that the two famous people I had dreamt about was truly arriving within the month. Unaware that these two individuals were soon to be on tour, it made me nervous!
Could it be possible to dream such a premonition, and if you do dare to believe that your nightmare may be a warning, do you say anything?
Will people look down upon you(thinking you to be a freak), or worse, will they blame you for the incident if it truly were to occur?
I would love to hear your opinions on the matter.
Would you expose yourself to the world on the mere thought that maybe your nightmare could be plausible?
Would you sit in silence, wondering if it was just a dream, that maybe you saw, subconsciously that those two people were coming to town... and perhaps your imagination  and dream state made up that accident?
Which one are you... Fill me in on Blogger and Twitter if you are interested. :)

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